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Walkers (10-18 months)

Focus: Equipment

Where they are:
Just like that, your little one is walking! They might not be steady, but they’ve taken their first few steps. Now more than ever is the time to build those muscles, strengthen those legs and let your little one take off!

What to expect in class:
We’ll explore new physical challenges every week through teacher-led activities, with a focus on different ways to use each piece of our equipment. Crawl through tunnels, explore different textures, slide down or climb up slides, toddle over bridges or take a ride in a swing! We’ll also practice social skills and memory-building through sing-alongs and group play.

Challenging walkers to explore physical movements like climbing, crawling, and balancing supports healthy muscle and bone development.
Cognitive: Repetition, songs, and interacting with their familiar adult supports language, vocabulary, and memory development.
Social: Our playfloor environment supports little ones with building confidence and feeling more comfortable in unknown places.
Adults: Get quality time with your little one and give them the space they need to practice their new-found walking skills!

Frequently Asked Questions


At Walkers, our expert teachers will lead you and your little one through 45 minutes of uninterrupted play. Your little one will explore different physical challenges every week using different play equipment. They’ll discover tunnels, slides, swings and bridges as well as learn about new and exciting textures in our innovative playscape. Along the way, they’ll also socialise with other young children of the same or similar age, which will give them the opportunity to practice and further develop their burgeoning social skills.

If you’d like to find out more about Walkers and other classes in our programme, get in touch with the team at Gymboree Play & Music today.


Learning through play is the core of our programme here at Gymboree Play & Music. Throughout our classes, your child will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of challenging games and activities that will establish the physical, cognitive and social foundations they need to grow.

By fostering confidence and self-esteem, the programme at Gymboree Play & Music can help your little one grow into a successful learner. They’ll reach developmental milestones and conquer new challenges that build vital skills through our innovative classes, which have been specifically developed to encourage self-expression and exploration through play.

Other perks of membership at Gymboree Play & Music include…

  • Free access to Open Gyms when you are enrolled in at least one class with a monthly membership
  • Two free classes worldwide for when you and your little one are travelling abroad
  • Ideas for activities at home from our fully-qualified teachers
  • Special events throughout the year including Halloween and Christmas

The cost of your Gymboree Play & Music classes will depend on the classes you’d like to attend with your little one. For information about our programme, get in touch with the team at your local Gymboree Play & Music today – we can’t wait to hear from you!


The story of Gymboree Play & Music began in 1976 when Joan Barnes couldn’t find a local, age-appropriate play group for herself and her young children. She did what any young entrepreneurial mother would do – she started her own programme!

More than forty-five years later, Gymboree Play & Music has grown from humble beginnings in a church basement to a global leader in early childhood education with more than 700 locations in 40 countries. Combining music, movement, props and specially designed equipment, imaginary play and more, our innovative programme prepares your little one for a lifetime of learning and can help to foster their confidence. We also aim to help parents and caregivers to discover the power of play.

For more information about the benefits of Gymboree Play & Music, contact our team today. We’d be delighted to speak with you about our programme.