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Runners (16-24 months)

Focus: Opposites

Where they are:
Talk about being on the move! At this age, your child´s abilities are exploding. They are communicating, running, showing interest in friends and can’t stop exploring!

What to expect in class:
Runners is all about opposites – loud and quiet, fast and slow, up and down! These contrasting themes help your child learn better ways to communicate. We move across the bridge slowly, and then fast! They’ll learn how to control body movements and use their body to navigate and problem-solve across monkey bars, giant cushions and through little tunnels. We’ll also practice repetition and routine with parachute and bubble activities. Soon your little one will be leading the Gymbo Dance!

Exploration of the equipment supports problem solving, navigating skills and confidence.
Cognitive: Repetition, songs, and interacting with their familiar adult supports language, vocabulary, and memory development.
Social: Our class environment will help your child work on sharing, collaboration and many other social-emotional skills.
Adults: Need your child to take a good nap? This class is high energy and full of fun. In fact, you might want to take a nap afterwards too!

Frequently Asked Questions


At Runners, our teachers will lead your toddler through 45 minutes of play. Your little one will explore new and exciting physical challenges every week using different equipment in our innovative playscapes, such as bridges, slides and hula hoops. Runners is also a great opportunity to build crucial social skills – along the way, your little one will play and learn with other young children a similar age, allowing them to practice and further develop their communication skills.

If you’d like to find out more about Runners and other classes in our renowned programme, get in touch with the team at Gymboree Play & Music today.


The programme at Gymboree Play & Music has been intentionally designed to support your little one’s early childhood development. In each of our classes, your child will be challenged physically, socially and cognitively, which helps them build the crucial skills they need to support a lifetime of learning.

At Gymboree Play & Music, each class is 45 minutes of uninterrupted fun and games, led by our experienced, fully-trained teachers. We provide a diverse range of innovative classes for babies as young as two months, all the way up to five years old, offering a bespoke curriculum that challenges your little one to grow and flourish with changing themes and playscapes every week.

For more information about our programme, get in touch with the team at Gymboree Play & Music today.


At Gymboree Play & Music, the core of our world-renowned programme is learning through play. In our classes, your little one will have the opportunity to take part in a diverse array of activities and games that will challenge them and foster their confidence. Our programme has been specifically designed with early childhood development in mind, meaning your little one will have the opportunity to establish the physical, cognitive and social foundations they need to flourish later in life.

Gymboree Play & Music can support your child’s development as they grow into a happy, successful learner. Through our programme, we can help them reach important milestones and overcome new obstacles and challenges that encourage self-expression and exploration.

Other perks of Gymboree Play & Music membership include…

  • Two free classes, anywhere around the globe, for when you and your child are travelling abroad
  • Free access to Open Gyms when your child is enrolled in at least one class with a monthly membership
  • Special events throughout the year, such as Halloween and Christmas
  • Ideas for activities at home from our fully-qualified teachers

The cost of your classes at Gymboree Play & Music will depend on the sessions you’d like to attend. For information about our renowned programme, get in touch with your local Gymboree Play & Music today – we can’t wait to meet you and your little one!


The story of Gymboree Play & Music began in 1976. When Joan Barnes couldn’t find a local, age-appropriate play group for herself and her little ones, she did what any young mum with an entrepreneurial streak would do – she started her own programme!

More than forty-five years later, Gymboree Play & Music has grown from modest beginnings to a global leader in early childhood development and education, with more than 700 locations in 40 countries. Combining music, movement and our specially designed playscapes, our innovative programme is world-renowned. We can help you prepare your little one for a lifetime of learning and nurture their confidence through the power of play.

Discover the power of play, today! For more information about the benefits of our programme, get in touch the team at your local Gymboree Play & Music.