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Runners (16-24 months)

Focus: Opposites

Where they are:
Talk about being on the move! At this age, your child´s abilities are exploding: they are communicating, running, showing interest in friends, and can’t stop exploring!

What to expect in class:
It’s all about opposites: loud and quiet, fast and slow, up and down! Contrasting ‘themes’ help your child learn better ways to communicate. We move across the bridge sllowwwly and then fast! They’ll learn how to control body movements and use their body to navigate and problem solve across monkey bars, giant cushions, and through little tunnels. We’ll also practice repetition and routine with regular parachute and bubble activities. Soon your little one will be leading the Gymbo Dance!

Exploration of the equipment supports problem solving, navigating skills and confidence.
Cognitive: Repetition, songs, and interacting with their familiar adult supports language, vocabulary, and memory development.
Social: Our class environment will help your child work on sharing, collaboration and many other social-emotional skills.
Adults: Need your child to take a good nap? This class is high energy and full of fun. In fact, you might want to take a nap afterwards too!