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Classes - Preschooler - English Kids Club (3 – 5 years)

English Kids Club (3 – 5 years)

Where they are:
3-5 year olds are becoming more independent, forming their own (sometimes strong!) opinions and working on the social and fine motor skills they will need for school.

What to expect in class:
Learn and practice English through this action-packed drop-off programme. Your child will improve their social and English skills through phonics, science experiments, art, movement activities, and more!

Fine motor skills will be supported through writing and art activities. Kids will burn off some energy and work on their gross motor skills on our fantastic play equipment.
Cognitive: English language vocabulary and structure will organically improve through total English immersion.
Social: Children will have the opportunity to practice a wide range of social-emotional skills such as sharing, co-operation, and relatedness.
Adults: Take a break as only children are permitted in this drop-off class!