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Classes - Baby - Family Music (6m-5 years)

Family Music (6m-5 years)

Focus: Build a solid musical foundation for the whole family!

Where they are:
Children of all ages, at every stage can learn about music!

What to expect in class:
Engage your little one in a multi-age music class which provides opportunities not only to learn musical techniques, styles, and about different instruments, but also supports social and emotional development.

Sensory exploration time is supported while children practice their motor skills, which is crucial for your child’s overall development.
Cognitive: Music play helps activate parts of the brain responsible for music and speech processing. It creates an early appreciation of music and supports language development.
Social: Through music, you can hear and feel emotions. Tunes can be happy, sad, or angry! This supports social development in understanding emotions in a new way.
Adults: You get to engage with your little one making emotional connections and strong bonds. Being involved in your child’s play helps both you feel more connected.

Frequently Asked Questions


From Jazz and Classical music to Disco and R&B, Family Music classes at Gymboree Play & Music have been specifically designed to encourage your child’s sensory development through imaginative play, movement, songs and music. Family Music can provide your little one with the building blocks they need to flourish and learn.


Our Family Music lessons give your child the foundations they need for future musical development – whether they’re yet to sing their first note or already jamming to their favourite songs. You’ll join in with your little one in a multi-age class focused on musical styles from around the world. Your child will have the opportunity to learn exciting new musical techniques and styles as well as play with different instruments in our interactive music class.


Through specially selected songs and musical instruments, your child will be exposed to new sounds and sensory sensations. Under the guidance of our highly qualified early childhood teachers, you’ll dance with your little one to music from all over the world, sing to each other and encounter new and exciting challenges every week.


For more information about Family Music classes at Gymboree Play & Music, get in touch with our team today.


Discover the power of play! If you’re looking for the very best baby classes near you, look no further than Gymboree Play & Music.


Our world-renowned programme to open to babies of all levels of development. Your little one will be given free rein to explore our playscapes and socialise with others. They’ll also meet children of a similar age, giving them the opportunity to learn from others and develop social skills. Many lifelong friendships have started here at Gymboree Play & Music.


Our baby classes are available for babies and young children registered with Gymboree Play & Music. For more information about our programme, get in touch with the team at Gymboree Play & Music today.


Here at Gymboree Play & Music, we believe it’s never too early to start experiencing music with your little one! We offer music classes for babies as young as six months, all the way up to preschool age, during which our expert teachers will lead you and your baby through a series of fun and exciting sound-based activities.


Music can accelerate early brain development, support motor and social skills and give your child the emotional foundations they need to flourish and grow. That’s why at Gymboree Play & Music, our programme is jam-packed full of musical melodies, dancing and fun!


For more information about music classes and sessions at Gymboree Play & Music, contact our team today.


Gymboree Play & Music provides world-renowned child development classes for babies and young children from two months to five years. Our goal is to prepare babies and young children for a lifetime of learning and highlight the power of play.


From young children getting ready for kindergarten to babies just learning to crawl, the classes at Gymboree Play & Music have been created for every stage of your little one’s development. Our programme brings together children, parents and caregivers alike to learn, play, socialise, dance, groove to music from around the world and of course, have lots of fun!


At Gymboree Play & Music, learning through play forms the basis of each and every one of our lessons and is the foundation of everything we do. Your little one will enjoy a range of engaging activities and interactive games that will not only challenge and engage them, but lay the foundations for the physical, cognitive, and social skills they need to flourish later in life.


For more information about classes at Gymboree Play & Music, contact our team today. We can’t wait to meet you and your little one!