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Classes - Baby - Baby Music (6-14 months)

Baby Music (6-14 months)

Focus: Build a solid musical foundation for your 6 to 14 month old.

Where they are:
Learning through listening and watching, moving, and “singing” with coos and babbles.

What to expect in class:
Experience music from all around the world-music from both past and present, near and far! From The Beatles to Bach! In Baby Music, children will delight in the sound of instruments, and “singing” through musical baby talk. They’ll enjoy being sung to, experiencing new sounds and the anticipation of surprise!

Sensory exploration time is supported while children practice their motor skills, which is crucial for your baby’s overall development.
Cognitive: Music-play helps activate parts of the brain responsible for music and speech processing. It creates an early appreciation of music and supports language development.
Social: Through music, you can hear and feel emotions. Tunes can be happy, sad, or angry! This supports social development in understanding emotions in a new way.
Adults: You get to engage with your little one making emotional connections and strong bonds. Being involved in your child’s play helps both of you feel more connected.

Frequently Asked Questions


The programme at Gymboree Play & Music was created with early childhood learning and development in mind. Our iconic classes are designed for every stage of development, from babies just learning to move to young children getting ready for their first year in school. We aim to bring children, parents and caregivers alike together to learn, socialise, play, listen to music, dance and of course, have plenty of fun!

Learning through play is a fundamental component at the core of everything we do here at Gymboree Play & Music and is a crucial cornerstone of every one of our classes. Your child will be challenged physically, cognitively and socially through a variety of interactive activities and games.

The classes you and your child will enjoy will depend on their age and the type of activities you’re interested in. For more information about Gymboree Play & Music, get in touch with our team today. We’d be delighted to hear from you.


At Gymboree Play & Music, it’s never too early to start learning and playing! We offer our iconic programme of classes at every stage of development, from babies as young as two months old all the way up to preschool age.

For more information about baby classes at Gymboree Play & Music, contact our team today.


At Gymboree Play & Music, our baby classes are designed to stimulate your baby’s sensory development through creative play, movement, songs and music. Our classes will give your child the foundations they need to flourish and grow as they begin discovering the world around them.

Long before your little one sings their first note, our Baby Music classes will lay the foundations they need for future musical development. Your child will be introduced to new sounds and sensory experiences through special songs and age-appropriate musical instruments. You’ll dance with your baby to music from across the world, sing songs to them and discover new and exciting challenges every week under the direction of our experienced, fully qualified early childhood teachers.


Parent and caregiver participation is strongly encouraged in all of the classes at Gymboree Play & Music. Our programme offers parents and caregivers the chance to discover new ways they can play with their children. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat with other parents and caregivers while taking part in teacher-led games and activities.

At Gymboree Play & Music, we also believe strongly in the importance of community, not just for children but also for their parents and caregivers. Your child will learn about the world around them and hone their social skills by establishing and fostering personal connections with others of a similar age. We are committed to inclusivity, and strive to ensure our classes are inviting, comfortable and safe for parents, caregivers and children alike.