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School Skills (3-5 years)

Focus: Independent programme to build skills for school and beyond.

Where they are:
Children are ready to embark on a classroom experience without their adults by their side. They are ready to collaborate with their peers and learn new ways to communicate, play and create together.

What to expect in class:
Children will be challenged to work together during collaborative games and activities. They will exercise their problem solving skills and creativity during our art and science activities. Throughout class, they will develop key social skills needed for school and beyond. In our School Skills class, preschoolers develop a love for school, classrooms and learning!

As a play-based programme, children will continue to develop their gross and fine motor skills through movement games, free play and team-building activities.
Cognitive: Practice letter and number recognition, build problem-solving skills, and develop critical thinking skills.
Social: Build key social skills – such as relatedness, self-control and curiosity- needed for school and beyond.