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Classes - Preschooler - Arts & Crafts  (3-5years)

Arts & Crafts (3-5years)

Focus: Process over product

Where they are:
All children benefit from a space to be creative. Children are eager to explore different mediums, textures, and ways to express themselves.

What to expect in class:
Explore different mediums like sculpturing, painting, collaging, and drawing.
Enjoy imaginary and dramatic play time, all while cultivating creativity.

Working with different textures supports sensory input, fine motor, and gross motor skills.
Cognitive: Creating your own work supports confidence and problem-solving skills.
Social: Not only are children learning social skills by sharing a work space and creating with others, they are also able to express themselves through another outlet before they have the verbal capacity to do so.
Adults: Have a break as this is a drop-off programme. Enjoy seeing the wonderful works of art your child has independently produced.